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Sex, timing and tattoos [Dec. 21st, 2009|12:20 pm]
News Editor


If the news and opinion sections tell us what you read, then perhaps the life and style sections tell us what you are actually like. In, brief, therefore, the Independent reader of 2009 likes sex games, wears a nice watch, has a tattoo, lives in a nice house, drinking whisky, seducing either men or women with gadgets or software from their laptop.

Is that you? Whatever, these were the stories if the life and style section read the most in 2009.

The ten best sex toys

The 50 best watches

The world’s most bizarre tattoos

Private viewing: the pick of the property

The ten best scotch whiskies

An invention that could change the internet forever

The ten best seduction techniques

The 50 best Christmas gifts for men

The 50 best gadgets

The ten best laptops

The 50 best Christmas gifts for women