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Amazing video of jewellery heist [Aug. 12th, 2009|11:36 am]
News Editor


Have a look at this mobile phone footage captured just moments after two armed men fled a Mayfair Jeweller's with £40 million worth of stolen gems in what was Britain's biggest jewel heist.

The video was taken by a man who was filming on New Bond Street at the time the robbery happened on Thursday.

In it the two suited suspects are clearly seen leaving the store. A man's voice shouts "call the police" before a gunshot is fired and screams are heard.

The footage then distorts and re-starts with a woman talking. a man reassures her: "They are gone, they are gone. Calm down, calm down."

The men stole 43 pieces of jewellery in two minutes before taking a female staff member hostage to make their escape.

Their haul included a pair of white, round, diamond double-hoop earrings, a yellow diamond flower necklace, a platinum white Marquise diamond ring and a Chronograph men's 45mm watch.